Monday, 20 February 2012

Post-Study Work

An interesting little exchange last week between the Director-General of the Institute of Directors and our good friends at Migrationwatch on the merits of abolishing the Post-Study Work scheme and replacing with limited access to Tier 2.

The IoD said it would do untold damage to Britain's interests to summarily evict students with MBAs once their courses had finished and especially as so many of them came from BRIC countries - the UK's leading trading partners.

Migrationwatch robustly replied suggesting that if someone with an MBA could not get a graduate job on a salary of £20K, they were not the sort of person the UK economy needed anyway.

The sad truth however is that many of the 'brightest and the best' - a phrase which the government seems to like to use - do not do MBAs or other courses which shoot them straight into well-paid city jobs.  They do project management, engineering, computer studies, architecture, pharmacy, etc etc and could be real assets in companies across the country and in many regions where starting salaries of £20K are virtually unheard of.

As the April D-day approaches, we lament the likely loss of talent.


  1. Nevermind the small businesses who would love to use the talents of a new graduate but can't afford to become a Tier 2 sponsor for one employee...

  2. so what about the students who come to study pharmacy here spending 17000 pounds per year and then being sent back without giving job opportunities?who would sponsor 20k per annum job for a fresher? its not atall fair for students like us who given a chance can get a job of 20k but will ake atleast an year to be promoted to that salary range